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Are you  looking for fun and creative ideas to ensure your children are engaged in learning?

Here at Petite Education we have created comprehensive online programs for 2-5 year olds, that create awe and wonder.

Providing 100s of lesson plans, videos, learning tools and resources, to support your children in gaining:

– Increased happiness and well being
– Improved focus
– Enhanced communication, listening and cognitive ability by promoting sensory learning

– A continued love for learning 

Teaching your children through innovative and active learning, whilst taking the stress out of planning, making it fun for everyone! 

Our packages support children’s well being, communication, physical activity and creativity.

What You Get by Enrolling

Here at Petite Education, whether you are a parent, school or nursery we want to provide the support you need. Finding a solution which meets your needs is the most important thing to us. 

Our goal is to support your child or children with fun but educational programs, which will be added to weekly.

6 Interactive programs

6 programs that help you to cover all aspects of your child’s/children’s learning as a whole. Not only do we take into consideration all the Early years learning goals and targets. We ensure your child’s physical and mental health is a priority.

Video Tutorials

Full video support of 10-30 minute lessons. Simply select and play the videos or watch them and then use the lesson plans to deepen the learning.

Reward structure

We send a reward to every child on completion of 10 lessons. We also have a printable certificate on the members page, that you can print off weekly and give to your child or children as a reward.

Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans are there for you to follow, so you can guide your child or children through all of our lessons.

Online Forum

We have a dedicated Facebook group, where we are there to support you and where our experts will ‘go live’ and deliver tutorials.

Early learning goal overview

We will guide parents and Educators through all the Early learning goals and show you how easy it is to learn through play.

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Are you  looking for fun and creative ideas to ensure your children are engaged in learning? Pick an activity to get started



Explore different themes using sensory props, song, movement, and imaginative play. We capture the children’s imagination, as together we create new worlds and become fun characters to bring stories to life.


Embrace the outdoors, looking at the holistic approach of the child, we ensure we create opportunities to achieve and develop hands-on learning in a natural environment. 



Combines yoga, puppets, props, music and movement to ensure your child is on the correct emotional development path. We engage children throughout the sessions, so they are able to reflect on the present moment and focus on mindfulness activities.



Travel the world and understand the different cultures of dance. Your children will be able to dance, the days away, as they learn different dance genres.




Sing & Sign

Encourages communication and language skills. All the sessions are fun and interactive using signs, symbols, sensory props, song and music. Delivered by Makaton baby sign trainers Vicky and Deborah.



Petite Phonics

Supports literacy, language development and phonics. Ensure your child has embedded the correct language and listening skills before moving on to their phonic sounds.



Affordable, fun and creative programmes for you and your child/ children 

I'm Vicky Dempsey - owner of Petite Education

I have worked within the early years and foundation stage sector for fifteen years, delivering training and classes to over 500 nurseries. My main focus is the arts and the therapeutic value it can have for children. I have collaborated with a number of specialists to ensure all our programs are of the highest educational values. Also I belive creativity is the key to  engage  children.  

I have four children of my own and understand the stress parents and educators go through to engage children in activities and this is why I created Petite Education.


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